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May 2, 2019

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It’s in Your Cards

Photographs and Writings by Jesai


Your Card for today

Six of Wands

Victory – Receptiveness – Happiness – Accomplishing one’s goals – Turning challenges into positive results - Overcoming difficulties that have accumulated working against your ambitions - Practising positive feeling to form a pathway towards success and resolution


Associations to the Six of Wands

I Ching Hexagram #6 – K’UN – Receptiveness – Mountain - Earth over Earth – It is beneficial to pursue one’s goals Support will be offered when needed – Being peaceful will open one’s receptiveness and bring good fortune.  


Love –  Six of Wands carries a very positive omen. Overcoming challenges, seeing a path that leads to more consistency and balance in your relationships, ability to focus. This could be a time where you meet someone new or work through difficulties in a long term commitment or find endings to relationships that do not serve you anymore. A sense of contentment can and will be achieved.


Work –  This card brings with it the desire to be happier and enjoy the work you do. If you have been searching for new work then your efforts will land you something great, maybe expand the search a bit and dream of the perfect opportunity coming. If you love your job greater recognition and appreciation may be presented to you or a raise or new position. Organize things to work better for you. Good luck.


Money –  This should be an interesting time for you financially. When the six of wands appears, even if there have been difficulties expect bonuses or win falls small or big to come your way. It could be the financing for a new home or car, a much-needed line of credit, or a gift of money. Be sure whatever form it comes in to handle it very wisely and with great appreciation to get the most out of it all.


Health – Stress and worry about your health or a loved one can cause you to miss the beauty that surrounds you. Appreciate and focus on the wonderful things that there are in your life and that you have worked so hard for. Make special times for yourself and the ones that you love, it is guaranteed to make you and or your loved ones feel better.


Peace is within you always

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