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May 15, 2019

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Your card for the day 

The Four of Swords

Truce - A moment of Peace before a change occurs, the moment before a positive change for the better occurs


Associations to Four of Swords

I Ching Hexagram 24 Fu – Revival - Renewal or Triumph of the Light - Represents the Winter Solstice the longest night before the days and light begin to grow longer.  Thunder below Earth awakening, the first clap of thunder awakens all in spring, negativity is giving way to the light.


Work - You may need a change or break from work to find new perspective and direction. Even a long weekend can change the routine. As things seem at there worst this card beckons a change for the better lies ahead of you. Realistically, look at how you want things to fell. Find a new project or ways to expand your self now.


Love - If there has been quarrelling and difficulties in love, the Four of Swords can represent a moment of quite before things get better or are you just too tired to fight anymore. A change of direction is before you. Its time to talk about what you really want in life and love. Find some new directions and approaches. Are you being honest or are you just reacting? To have love you must practice love. 


Money - Finances may feel overwhelming presently. This is a time to look for short-term solutions to help get things back on track. Sometimes looking to far into the future can leave you feeling bewildered and at a loss for what to do. Overtime, part time work, a loan, look for assistance and or for opportunities to make things feel better.


Health - If you are not feeling happy with yourself or your health is compromised, this card suggests being cautious of pushing yourself to hard right now. If you are tired and run down pushing yourself to hard may lead to more difficulties. Focus on what is good in life and what you can do presently, do things one at a time. This is a way to allow the light to return and grow back into your life with a new perspective. Things may not be the way you want them to be, but at any given moment things are only as good as they can be. One moment at a time practice joy or peace is filling your body, mind and spirit.


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