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June 19, 2019

Spirit ~ Forces TM

Its in Your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day 

The King of Pentacles

Tradition, Take Charge, Authority, Financial Success, Strong Energy, Consistence, Security, Discipline, Leadership, Business Decisions, Dependable, Responsible    


Associations to the King of Pentacles

I Ching Hexagram – 55 – Feng – Thunder above Fire - Abundance – Celebrating success by putting obstacles  aside, practising contentment  or investing in your love life

Astrology – Capricorn

Element – Earth

Crystal – Amethyst, Blood-stone


Love – If this card represents a strong person in your life then know you can trust and count on this person. The King of Pentacles may portend love or confirmation of love is about to come your way. It is important to be your true self as you will be loved for who are, and it will grow surely.


Work – This a hard-working person but may be quick to judge so it is important to be yourself and to be consistent with your work. Be clear about job descriptions so to be sure to not over reach unless there is good reason. There must be logic for all you do even when being creative.


Finances – When this card appears it is a very good omen for finances and financial decisions. If you are receiving advice from someone in a position of authority you can be assured, you this is solid. You may find that past investments will be or become very successful for you.  Do not make impulsive decisions at this time.


Health - Self empowerment is important at this time. Relaxing and relieving stress in your life may be more important, so make time to find natural ways to address what is in your way. Look for creative methods. Making time for yourself, even if is spent with others, can be very healing.


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