The Lovers - It's in Your Cards

June 25, 2019

Spirit ~ Forces  TM

It’s in Your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your Card for the day

The Lovers

The Teacher -  Soul Mates - Powerful attractions with differing expectations

Lessons that must be learned through relationships of all kinds. Confusion between Head and Heart


Associations to the Lovers

Rune – Kon – Torch – Lust

Kabbalah – Hebrew Letter – Zain – Sword

Astrological Sign – Gemini


Love – Powerful attractions and love may be at hand or a re – evaluation of love or commitment may also be at hand. Love comes from within you not from the other person. When you are reminded of this feeling you become who you really are. This is who the other is attracted to. Love is the lesson of self discovery, keep on being you.


Work -  Decisions about direction may come with a sense of confusion about making the right decision. There may be wonderful opportunities at hand or a looking at moving in a direction you have always wanted take. There may be questions with what is expected and what you are doing. Ask for clarity.  


Money – This is a time that something you have dreamed about may become a reality. A raise, extra money or financing may become available.  This card can also mean that the money is there for what must be taken care of right now, focus on what must be done.


Health – You may find the right person now to help you to achieve your goals. This is a time to pay attention to your intuition. You need to find and create your own way with what you learn from others. A change of lifestyle may be what you need to bring you back to your center and balance. Follow you joy


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