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July 9, 2019

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Its in Your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for today 

Queen of Cups

Compassionate, Giving, Nurturing, Sensitive, Intuitive, Kindness, Honesty, Fairness, Passiveness, ability to listen to help or give guidance, a need to listen to and trust in one’s inner voice, to take care of one’s own needs


Associations to the Queen of Cups

I Ching – Po – Hexagram 23 – Splitting Apart – Breaking through the Protective covering

Mountain covering the Earth - Breaking through the mind set of the past for new things to grow and come through

Astrology – the sign of Cancer – Water sign


Love – The Queen of Cups represents a loving, kind and generous woman that you may meet or who may assist by introducing to someone new who will help you find fulfillment. This could be a time socialize more with friends or family, especially if you are single. If you said would call…. call that special person, lest you miss an opportunity. This is a time for gratitude and consistency with the one you love.   


Work – This card can represent your boss or a superior that will be helpful or be on your side. If you are looking for work the Queen of Cups is impressed by someone who is consistent and done their research and has the ability to listen. Compassion towards others at work may be important to improve things.


Finances – The Queen of cups can bring good news about finances from a very helpful woman. This may be a time that financial decisions may bring or set you on a path to greater prosperity, so watch for opportunity and research well or seek good advice about what you decide upon. Be creative and accept or expect positive movement now.


Health – A need to practice feeling peace inside yourself to unlock the power and strength of your inner being. Learning to take better care of your personal needs and making time for you is at hand. As you seek you may find a woman that will help you to achieve new ways to do this. This is a time to trust and listen to your inner voice. Build confidence in your feeling body by learning how eliminate indecision caused by emotion.


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