Three of Cups - It's in Your Cards

August 5, 2019

Spirit ~ Forces  TM

Its in Your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day 

The Three of Cups

Overflowing - Potential Instability - Emotions

What ever the challenges this card reflects happiness will follow soon

Associations to Three of Cups

I Ching Hexagram - Ta Kuo - Great Excess - Too Big - Doing too Much - Being too Strong  

Love -  In Friendships and Relationships you may love more deeply than others are capable of. Others may lack the ability for commitment that you have. You may be hoping for more recognition than is possible, hoping for things to be a certain way. In Love matters, this is a time to ask for your needs to be met. Go for what really you want, practice the way you want to feel. Experience the happiness you seek.


Work - Action may be needed to achieve what you hope for. If you are waiting to be recognized for your efforts, to get that raise, some frustrations may arise unless you go after what you want. If you want that special job or a change, action is needed. Nothing ventured nothing gained.


Money - The 3 of cups is generally a positive card. Uncertainty about finances can lead to mixed up emotions, confusion. There may be fears of things falling apart or making wrong decisions. You have worked hard to get to where you are. You may need to work a little harder or take a new direction to keep things in balance or to improve your situation. Keep going, patience.


Health - Emotions can be very high and then very low. Happiness followed by tears and then happy again. Everything is held inside, and you try to act like it is all ok. To be healthy we need to find ways to express or talk about what is inside in non-accusing or non-reactive ways. Own your emotions. Learn to live in the present moment. Fear leaves you captivated by the future, anger and frustration keeps you bound in the past. Be still. All will be well. 


Peace is with you always

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